10 Tips You Need When Looking For the Right Quantity Surveyor

Looking for the right quantity surveyor? If it’s your first time investing in their services, it may often feel like it’s a huge step and may go out of your comfort zone. Just like any other service provider, it’s crucial that you look for a professional company that will meet your needs and will help achieve the vision of your organisation. Most importantly you want to have a good return on investment. 

Choosing the best quantity surveyor can be a bit tricky, so here are our top tips for getting the right one. 

What is a Quantity Surveyor? 

Quantity surveyors are amazing financial genius kids of the construction industry. They are highly successful and accomplished with regulating the entire budgetary elements of the project. They are experts who know a lot about building materials, building design, and building legislation. They are skilled to prepare the quantity surveyors report, meeting all its variations. 

They also know how to create a depreciation schedule for rental properties with knowledge about the depreciation rates and how to calculate them.

1. A quantity surveyor is what you’re looking for, not an accountant. 

Remember that you’re not looking for an accountant, rather, a quantity surveyor. The QS or Quantity Surveyor’s role is to cost the project, however, they have skills that make them important in more aspects of the construction project. Here, you’re not only bringing someone to help you with the money. You want to have a project manager. 

2. Remind yourself that your time is too valuable 

You can’t be the jack of all trades. Many people who are against employing the services argue that they can do the job by themselves. However, this doesn’t work. Your time is already valuable for you to spend it analysing budgets, looking for opportunities to boost efficiency and acquire better value for money, assessing legal and project compliance or updating yourself on procurement strategies. 

Hiring a great quantity surveyor will not only be part of your team, but they will also be advanced and take charge of possible potential opportunities for and threats against utmost profitability. 

3. Trust huge conflicts in the hands of the experts 

You must be aware that contracts and big-scale projects are prone to conflict. Most of the time it happens because of cash-flow issues, misunderstanding, contract analysis, or even due to personality differences. But whatever the cause, having conflict is definitely costly; either in money or time. 

A quantity surveyor’s job is to avoid getting into conflict by removing any ambiguity from contracts, looking for a resolution to any problems before they escalate and if needed, resolving conflict through official procedures. 

4. Know the position of everyone in the team 

You must get an understanding of the position of everyone in your team. Although you would want to allow the QS to manage plenty of the project, you should decide who handles this and that aspect of the project. For you to be able to do this, you need to determine who is involved in the team and what their responsibilities are. 

5. Understand what you are looking for 

There are various types of surveyors; some have more knowledge and experience on specific types of projects or with particular tasks. If you know what you need a quantity surveyor for certain things, then just be sure that you are looking for someone who is willing to work to what you want, or that has these areas of expertise. 

6. Get away from the numbers game 

Honestly, if you like to be an accountant, you’re not going to wear a hard hat but a suit. Of course, you wouldn’t land where you are if you didn’t know the numbers games, however, this doesn’t mean that someone else may be better at playing it. 

It would be nicer if you free up your time by seeking a QS to handle project financial updates that keep you informed. Your QS can help you save and make more money by getting financial forecasts, warning you of possible issues before they become insurmountable and dealing with projects costs. 

7. QS must have constant communication with you 

Of course, not all the work will be done by your quantity surveyor. There are certain aspects of the project that you would want to handle or involve yourself with. But the QS will handle much of the rest. You and your QS must have great communication where you can go back and forth to ensure everything is on track and updated. Both of you need to know what is going on all the time. 

8. Avoid getting involved in disputes

Yes, this is your project and if issues arise, it can get a bit personal. This is why it’s important that you avoid getting yourself involved in disputes. Professional quantity surveyors are well-experienced in managing these types of situations and are completely able to deal with them. Your QS should be the one dealing with those headaches. 

9. The balance should be right 

A quantity surveyor should work well with you. You can expect them to be there to manage your project and handle it for you. Make sure you inform them about what you expect from them with the decisions you want to deal with. 

10. They must know the law 

There can be so many legal requirements and legislation when it comes to the construction of projects. You want to make sure that the person you are working with know the law, in case any major issues occur, they know what to do.