How to Use Zoom Whitening at Home?

Zoom Whitening is a brand-new method to bleach your teeth, without any mess and with less hassle. It is the ingenious brand-new lighting system that uses a strong light-activated gel, which can be stored in your house for usage on demand. Unlike conventional toothpaste, the gel just needs to be used as soon as – so you get whiter teeth without any of the mess or trouble! The System is a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to standard toothpaste. Unlike cumbersome and pricey trays or strips which require to be changed after a couple of days, a single container of Gel lasts for months – conserving you money and time.

Much better than traditional toothpaste!

The Zoom One Hour Whitening System is a trademarked procedure that utilizes ‘super activated bleaching gel and a specially developed light, which together produce oxygen bubbles in between your teeth and the gel to remove spots. With this effective whitening formula you can achieve significant results in just one hour.

To use: just use the gel directly onto your teeth for 5 minutes and after that trigger with the LED lamp for 30 seconds. You’ll discover that the whole procedure takes about an hour– it’s simply that simple! No messy pastes or trays, no requirement for quick retouch– simply faster, lighter, and more comfortable whitening than ever before!

The Zoom One Hour Whitening System is so efficient it can last for many years, but you’ll need to keep your gorgeous new smile with regular touch-ups. The terrific aspect of Zoom is that it’s prepared to use whenever you desire– just save the super-activated gel in your home and use it as needed!

It’s not yet offered in standard retail outlets, however, the bright side is that it will be soon! Watch out on our website for details of its schedule and make certain you register your interest now – we do not desire you to lose out on this amazing product! Or if you have not tried Zoom Whitening before check out our series of whitening kits here.

How to use it?

Traditional toothpaste tends to stain one’s teeth, as it is used several times a day. Zoom Whitening gel can be stored in your house for use on-demand – which is convenient as you just require to use it when.

Apply the Gel exactly as you would toothpaste. Initially, brush your teeth with a routine toothbrush and toothpaste. Next, use the gel straight over the teeth by pressing the applicator or mouthpiece of the mouthpiece against them and squeezing gently so that you get a nice layer of gel around the front teeth and on all visible surfaces of your back teeth. Brush your teeth for a minimum of 2 minutes, and then spit the gel out. Repeat every night before bed for a week, and never once again! Zoom Whitening’s gel will last you up to 3 weeks, at which point it is suggested that you replace the gel cartridge.

It is useful since it can be saved in your house for usage on demand, unlike conventional toothpaste which discolorations one’s teeth due to its application several times a day – making it inconvenient and not very reliable.

In the new era!

There’s something brand-new worldwide of teeth bleaching. It is an innovative new item that utilizes light-activated gel to do the work instead of the standard paste. The gel can be saved at home for future usage, suggesting that your teeth can now become as white as possible without any of the mess or hassle!

The gel just requires to be applied when making it an extremely hassle-free system for individuals who are strapped for time or do not want all of this toothpaste on their clothes. With the help of Zoom Whitening, bad teeth will not stand a possibility. The traditional approach of toothpaste, where you need to apply the item as numerous as three times for it to be as efficient as possible.

Since gel just needs to be used when you can conserve your time and assist your teeth to end up being whiter at the same time! With this system, you don’t require to stress over leaving white streaks around your lips or on your cheek. You will never have to get a wet towel or rub out the counter once again after applying toothpaste. All you need to do is open up the little Zoom capsules, put them in their holder, snap it shut and hit the button! The active ingredients are sent directly into your mouth utilizing bright blue light that is activated.


Zoom Whitening is an at-home teeth whitening kit that uses a 6-week procedure of using the gel to your teeth two times each day. The results are brighter, whiter teeth after just 12 days! Give it a try on your own and see just how much better you feel about smiling with bright white teeth. Don’t forget to take previous pictures so you can compare them later on down the line along with using our customer care hotline if you have any questions or require assistance beginning!