Features Of the straight Bath in the UK Reviewed

The straight Bath is the most suitable choice for a common bath in the UK. It is not wrong to say that it is a popular style that fits into most bathrooms. Baths are an essential part of almost every bathroom. The great thing about these baths is that they fit in almost every space. These have the standard size that is 1700mm. Such bathrooms are the most common; hence this size makes them suitable in most cases.  Although baths were not very common a few decades ago, it was considered a luxury. These were highly-priced and hence not affordable. However, with new innovations in design and materials, these became affordable over time. So, the fitted baths with the standard square shape became most popular. 

What are Straight Bath tubs?

While you may have heard or read about different bathtub shapes available in the market, you may think about what actually a standard bathtub is. We simply mean by it a bath that has two things. The first is its shape, a standard bath has the shape that is most common in the UK. Because a straight bathtub is a popular design, it should also have the same. In addition to that, these baths have the standard size too. Which already discuss in the last section is 1700mm. 

 Why Straight Bath?

Even though you have an extensive range of baths available in different styles and shapes. There are many good reasons for the standard type to be the most popular design. The first thing is that even you have various beautiful shapes, including shower baths, many standard baths still lack space to fit different styles of baths. Because these fit along the wall, most bathrooms are already built, and you cannot make new changes easily due to financial constraints. The second thing is that people are familiar with the standard shape, and they don’t like such changes and the last of this reason is that these are cost-effective and available at almost every bathroom store.

Benefits And Features of Straight Bath

There are the following features and benefits of a straight standard bath

  • Fit Against the Wall and Corners.  The standard bathtubs can easily fit in the most common places in the bathroom. That makes them suitable for most bathrooms. Whether you need to fit them along the wall, between the wall, or recess, these are a perfect choice in all these cases. 
  • Cost Efficient.  All of these bathtubs are popular because of their price tag as well. You will find them in the cheapest option as compared to their counterparts. By installing them; you can expect less budget that will be required for the bathroom makeover. You will be able to easily remain within your budget. 
  • Suitable For Most Bathrooms. While straight baths uk are the most standard baths in the UK. If you don’t have enough space, plenty of different sizes are available starting from 1200mm onwards. So, even if you have a small space and want a standard style, you can find the one easily that can fit into such space. 
  • Better Aesthetics. Many people believe that if they do not install a standard bath, it will be difficult for them to create the type of aesthetics they want. However, it is far from reality. With proper use of panels and bath fillers, you can easily turn these baths into highly attractive pieces of sanitary. So, even if you are looking for a contemporary bathroom look, this type of bath can easily work. 

Are You Looking for a Straight Bath?

In this article, we have a discussion about a modern bathtub straight bath. We have also explained their features and benefits in detail. By going through these details, it will become easier for you to decide whether you want this type of bath or not. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, you can buy baths and other fittings at lower prices. 

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