7 Ways to Make Your Outfit Look Expensive

Do you find it hard to figure out how to make your outfit look expensive? Are you embarrassed by your dress or skirt, or sweater that you have bought recently? Are you constantly being asked where did you get that? If the answers are no, then it’s time to change how you dress, how you carry yourself, and how you carry your accessories. It is time to be serious about looking rich, and I’m telling you now that you can do it! You are not beautiful if you still wear the same clothes every day; it is time to become more fashionable and look better by Jenni Kayne Coupons Codes.

Pair of High Heels

Are you spending too much time in front of the mirror worrying about how your outfit looks like? Do you try on your outfit to see how it looks; do you look at the back of your dress and say, “that looks too small”? If you face the same issue, try something different and go crazy with your accessories. Take off your hairpiece; do you think your hair looks too tight? Take off your shoes and put on a pair of high heels, or simply put on some high heels.

Have you tried on several different outfits without success? I am sure there were many times when you felt that you had to wear that dress again, the same color, style, and accessories. Well, the answer is simple: you look cheap. The solution is to buy accessories and use them as your own; put them on your own; wear them as your own; let them make you look more beautiful. Here are seven ways to make your outfit look more expensive.

Colour Combinations

You should know that the biggest enemy of your outfit is white. If you have a long dress with black shoes and white pants, chances are, that would look more expensive than a similar outfit in black and white with red shoes and white pants. It is essential to know how each accessory will look with your outfit. Also, it is good to mix up your colors. For example, if you wear a red dress and pair it with a tan pair of shoes by Jenni Kayne, it makes your outfit look more expensive than pairing it with brown or black shoes.


The accessories are essential when it comes to dressing up. If you have an outfit that is all white, you should consider putting on some bright jewelry. Or you can also add a lot of glittering accessories, such as a lot of sparkly jewels. This will enhance your outfit and draw attention to your face, arms, and legs.

The last thing you must consider when putting on makeup is choosing colors that compliment your skin tone. This is probably the most effective way that will help you to look your best. It would help if you were careful with the colors that you choose for your face. Do not wear the exact shade that you had in mind. Also, make sure that you avoid using too many colors on your face since it will look crowded.

Wearing the Right Shoes

When it comes to wearing shoes, do not choose boring simple sneakers. You can easily find a wide variety of sneakers in the market today. You can even wear them with formal outfits. The important thing is that you pick out something trendy and also fits your outfit well.

Final Steps:

Now that you know these ways to make your outfit look like a star, all you have to do is put it to practice. Remember that a simple outfit can look more exciting than one that is complicated. Also, do not just let others decide what you should be wearing. Could you choose what you like, wear it and enjoy it?