Choosing An Academic Supervisor For Your PhD Dissertation

PhD scholars often get confused in the selection of supervisors for their PhD dissertation. As a PhD scholar, a student has to make many difficult decisions. Yet academic supervisor selection is one of them. This selection must be wise as you have to spend academic years with your supervisor. Further, writing a PhD dissertation is itself full of versatile experiences. At the same time, you polish analytical and critical thinking skills while writing a PhD dissertation. In this situation, the supervision of a good academic supervisor for PhD Dissertation is a blessing. Hence, this article will help you in searching for a good supervisor for your PhD dissertation. Hopefully, these tips will help you a lot in making your PhD journey easier.

Tips On Choosing The Perfect Academic Supervisor For Your PhD Dissertation

Locate A Supervisor With A Common Research Interest

Your first step in this context would be searching for someone with a common research interest. So first, identify what will be the most interesting field for pursuing PhD. Suppose after a few months, you define ‘Nerve regeneration’ as an interesting topic for yourself. For this, you should go to the university website to make a list of supervisors. They should be ones who are contributing to the field of ‘Nerve regeneration’. After visiting the official website, take notes. You can note email address, and research publication of the concerned supervisors. Besides, you can also visit the supervisor’s profile. It will tell you a lot about his academic achievements. After collecting academic information, contact all short-listed supervisors one by one.

Explore Other Trusted Sources

You can discuss the list of supervisors with an experienced person. This discussion with seniors will give you more information about the supervisor. Sometimes, a supervisor with good academic records has some behaviour issues. These are as follows;

  • Some supervisors don’t give adequate time to their PhD students.
  • Some prefer their academic lectures over PhD research students.
  • Still, some supervisors are too strict. Because of this, students don’t feel comfortable in sharing information with them.

In short, a discussion with previous students of a supervisor will tell you all. This will help a lot in clarifying your view.

Choose Someone Who Motivates You

According to experts of a PhD dissertation writing service, you should choose a supervisor who can motivate you. There is no doubt that we should respect all supervisors. This is because they are more experienced than us. But you should choose the supervisor who can think like you. Many of us wish to become Scientists. But for this we need to become a little more specific. A scientist can be any of the following;

  • A dreamer
  • A thinker
  • A practical worker
  • A student

Hence, you should streamline your mind for finding someone with similar thoughts. This will help you in fixing your PhD dissertation mistake. Yet in your PhD journey, you have to face many ups and downs. In this way, a good supervisor will make your journey easier.

Your Supervisor, Your Mentor

No one can neglect the importance of PhD supervisor in the success of a student. Hence, you should consider the role of supervisors in writing a PhD dissertation.

  1. PhD dissertation supervisors give you a guideline for conducting effective research.
  2. They are responsible for telling you the QAA Quality Code for Higher education.
  3. The presence of an experienced person during laboratory testing is necessary. So the supervisors are responsible for providing a safe, and sound atmosphere.
  4. Further, they should track the quality of content. Hence, at PhD level, the main purpose of writing is to eradicate a scientific problem. So the reliability and validity of your research are of utmost importance. The key duty of an academic supervisor is to assure the quality of a PhD Dissertation.

As a PhD scholar, you must seek expert advice. This expert advice can save your hours in exploring many things. You cannot start from zero every time. It will slower your academic research speed. So discussing possibilities with your supervisor can help you in avoiding many possible mistakes. Through this aspect, the importance of an academic supervisor in PhD dissertation is clear. You should use this information while selecting someone as your supervisor.

Consider The Working Style Of Your Phd Supervisor

Majority of the students want to pursue their PhD with their Master’s, as well as Bachelor’s supervisor. Don’t worry if this is the case. Because we’re not criticising such students. If you like your previous supervisor, you should select him for your PhD dissertation. It will give you benefits in many ways;

  • You will very well know the research style of your previous supervisor.
  • You will have enough information about the basics.
  • You will not need to start from zero. You can pursue your Master’s level researcher as well.
  • You can develop a good bonding with your supervisor.

So if you like your previous supervisor, you should select him/her. It will save you from many academic challenges.

Personality Impact

PhD is an academic commitment. Here, you need to spend at least three years with the noble supervisor. You should try to select a person that inspired you a lot. There are many qualities of a supervisor that can inspire you. These examples can be any of the following;

  • The forgiving nature
  • The art of tutoring
  • The polite behaviour
  • The charismatic personality
  • The supporting nature.

No student can be perfect. They always need support from the supervisor. So the supervisor should always stand at their back. If you find all these qualities within your supervisor, you should go ahead.

Arrange an Interview

If you don’t know the supervisor you’re going to select, you should arrange an interview. This will help you in getting a quick idea about the supervisor’s nature. Before meeting the supervisor, you should get in-depth knowledge of your future research. Further, you should try to debate several controversial facts. You can also observe the behaviour of your supervisor with other PhD scholars for this aspect. Hence, good observation of these tips will help you in making a wise decision.