Celebration of Mother’s Day Around The Globe?

Just like during New Year Eve, people from all over the world celebrate this special occasion in their manner in the same way Mothers Day is also celebrated worldwide. For example, in Australia, you will put yourself into severe chaos if you don’t wish your mother on Mother’s Day  This similar rule is executed in Mexico, Canada, India, the United States, China, and different other countries around the globe. However, May isn’t the only period around the planet where everyone gets enthusiastic about getting a special bunch of flowers to gift their loveable mothers on the occasion of Mothers Day. We have listed below some of the countries and their special way of celebrating Mother’s Day every year.

  1. Thailand:

The way Mother’s Day is celebrated in Thailand has altered all-around the year. The primary official commemoration of Mother’s Day was held on 15th April 1950. Nonetheless, the nationwide holiday got shifted to August 12th in recognition of the birthday of Queen Sirikit held in the year 1976. Since the year 1956, Queen Sirikit has governed Thailand and is she is always signified of being the Mother of all the people residing in Thailand. This great day is celebrated with a lot more than wreaths and flowers. Public areas and Houses are adorned with shimmering lights and images of the queen. There are also fireworks presentations and a candle-lighting procession that occur all over the country. You can choose the option for online cake delivery and send a delicious cake to your mother and make her feel loved.

  1. Russia:

Just like Thailand, Russia has also got numerous dates that are related to Mothers Day. During the good old days of the Soviet Union, the country spun the festivity of mother’s day to be celebrated as International Women’s Day, which marks 8th March on the calendar each year. However, in the year 1998, a few years right when Russia came to be its nation, the country brought up the last Sunday of November to be celebrated as the existing Mothers Day. Regardless of the modification, most of the children yet choose to purchase special Mothers Day flowers and provide gifts on the main day in March. 

  1. Australia:

Irrespective of their age groups, people in Australia love to celebrate Mothers Day by taking out some quality time for their beloved mothers and other family members. The day is commemorated and enjoyed in May on the second Sunday. Amongst all the flowers, the chrysanthemum (which is also called Chrissie in authentic style by the Australian) is the ideal and wonderful flower that symbolises  Mother’s Day. This specific flower blooms in May. Although many people enjoy and admire this day with their mothers with a special card. Many of them also prefer to surprise their mothers by offering amazing gifts. 

  1. United Kingdom:

Distinct from Australia, in the United Kingdom Mother’s Day is commemorated three weeks before the occasion of Easter. In the UK, Mother’s Day discovered its heritage in a historical belief where the Christians would go to the church while they were baptised (which is also perceived as their Mother Church). This ritual took up a more religious character as time passed and shortly came to be a day to express thankfulness and appreciation to their mothers. In the UK, People choose to offer their mothers a beautiful bunch of fresh blossoms, alongside a special gift and a card on Mother’s Day. Apart from this, if you want you can also send cake to Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, or any other city as per your choice and get it delivered right to the doorstep of your mother.

  1. Panama:

This Central American region fixed to celebrate Mother’s Day on 8th December. The people of Panama not only respect their mother, but they also respect the woman whom most of the people assume of being their mother. Virgin Mary’s life is celebrated in the Catholic Church in Panama.

  1. Egypt:

Every year on March 21st Egypt commemorates Mothers Day just like the Arabian Nations. This day also celebrates the early day of the Spring season. Apart from this, the day is also popularised by Mustafa Amin, who was a journalist by profession and who battled in the year 1943 to get the freedom of speech and the press in Egypt. You can order gifts online and send them to your beloved mother alongside a delicious cake. She will surely appreciate your lovely efforts towards making her feel exceptional.

It doesn’t matter how it’s celebrated around the globe, commemorating Mothers Day is an amazing time to express your fondness and admiration for the influence, your mother has possessed in your life. Have a look at the Fresh blossoms for a great range of special Mothers Day flowers or pick your bouquet of tulips, carnations, or lilies to fill her day with immense love and light.