Basic safety tips for using boom lifts effectively

A personal lift or a boom lift is a very important component of the proper completion of a lot of construction projects. However, given the scale, size and structure of these lifts, they can pose a substantial risk and even cause injuries to those using them. The following safety tips are very important to consider and implement when it comes to operating personnel or boom lifts.

Keep a clear base and circumference

It is important to ensure that the entire circumference and base of the lift are clear of any people while the lift is in use. The lift’s circumference is often significant and equipment and tools can fall from the platform and hurt anyone standing below. It is therefore important to keep the area clear to reduce the risk of everyone being hit by falling objects. While very rare, these lifts can tip over. You should therefore keep the area clear to ensure no one is hurt when working.

Hire trained boom lift operators

It is important to hire trained employees to operate your lifts. Trained employees have relevant knowledge and safety certifications to maintain safety while the lift is in use. You should test potential new hires with assignments that demonstrate their knowledge of the lift and detect potential problems and address them on time before accidents happen during the actual job.

Put on your harness

This is a simple but very important measure when using man lifts. You should wear a harness when using these lifts and ensuring the lanyard is secured to the bucket. While it may seem impossible or unlikely that the operator will fall out of the platform, slight bumps from another object or piece of equipment can throw the lift operator off balance. This can put them at risk of falling. A strong gust of wind could knock someone down from the platform and cause very serious injuries.

Do not exceed the weight limit

You need to understand that each lift has a weight limit. It is very important to identify the limit of your lift and adhere to the restrictions. Going over the limit could make the lift top-heavy and make it tip over. You should always account for the weight of the user on the lift and the materials and tools on the platform to ensure that the total weight on the lift is not more than the recommended weight before the lift is operated. It is also very important to remember not to use your lift for lifting very heavy supplies.

Do not climb or sit on the outer edges

When on the personal lift’s platform, it is very easy to be inclined to climb on the edge of the platform to be able to reach something instead of moving the whole lift to reach it. However, this can be more dangerous than most people realize. Sitting or climbing on the edge of the platform increases the chances of falling off the platform. This can result in serious injuries. 

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