Reasons why you should visit New York City at least once in a lifetime

One of the most famous American cities New York City is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime. The center of art, food, music, fashion, food, and everything else, NYC is a joyous city to explore. And thus, we say that New York is a city that every traveler should visit New York City at least once in a lifetime. No matter if you visit NYC for just one day or a few but a visit to this thrilling city is a must. 

Offering endless possibilities to travelers with a thrilling experience, New York City offers the best to its tourists. Thus, without any further thoughts, you must book flights to NYC and back flights to India from NYC. Also, if you are still falling short of reasons to do visit New York City we have more reasons prepared for you. Read our guidebook on the reasons why you should visit New York City at least once in a lifetime. To find out why New York City enjoys so much love from travelers from all around the world.

Let’s know the reasons why you should visit New York City at least once in a lifetime

To explore all five boroughs

Many travelers restrict New York with Manhattan but by doing so they miss out on the other 4 boroughs. NYC has no shortage of adventures and thrilling experiences to offer to its travelers. However, this busy city also has many calming and peaceful spots perfect for taking a break. And the New York Botanical Garden is one such place to explore for some calming time. 

Further, if you are interested in animal watching then a visit to Bronx Zoo will be of complete worth. Other than this, this is a whole buffet of restaurants and cafes serving delicacies to choose from in Queens. Also, don’t forget to explore Brooklyn neighborhoods of Williamsburg, Red Hook, and Greenpoint. 

To explore some world-renowned museums and galleries

New York City boasts many world-renowned museums and art galleries attracting a good number of tourists every year. These museums include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, and many others. Further, for galleries, there is a list of popular names including Lower Estate Side and Chesla. Moreover, these art galleries are showcasing works of prominent artists. However, some being an exception are highly dedicated to new talents and established artists as well.

Thus, here you can enjoy a mix of modern and traditional works along with some popular art pieces. Further, at the American museum of natural history enjoy dioramas of blue whales and other creatures. Also, don’t forget to explore American history by visiting Tenement Museum. If you are a history or art bug then this point must have convinced you to make a flight ticket reservation for NYC.

To pay your regards to Broadway

Well, if you are a fan of street cuts then you must pay your regards to the world’s most famous street cuts. There is no better way to pick up the NYC vibes and enjoy the scenery than by walking 50 blocks on a fine day. It is one of the best places to explore Manhattan and enjoy its mainstream theatres. 

Stand amazed by the skyscrapers

If you have always been a fan of high skyscraping buildings then a trip to New York City is the most ideal choice for you. Here you can stand amazed by towering buildings standing since 1930 like Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, and One World Trade Centre. 

Further, all of these gigantic beauties make you realize that is sky is closer than you realize. The views of these popular buildings are only thrilling but are a treat for great architecture lovers. 

Be experimental in your food choices

If you are a foodie then you must visit the food heaven of America, New York City. Boasting overall 60 international cuisines there is almost nothing you can’t find to eat here in the city. To this date, New York City has over 23,000 plus restaurants serving different cuisines. And because of the city’s popularity as the food center of America, the figures are just growing every day. 

Further, if you are someone who enjoys innovation with food then this city is the perfect spot for you. The chefs at this city’s restaurants are highly motivated to serve innovations with old recipes to their guests. Moreover, if you are a dessert lover then you will find an incredible variety of desserts lined up here as well. The best thing about the food served here is that the innovations never disrespect the traditional food recipes. Thus, you can enjoy the authentic taste of food along with innovations making it more presentable. This helps in providing guests with the best fine dining experience along with exquisite food.

Explore different neighborhoods

The best thing about New York City is that no two neighborhoods are the same in the city. Thus, there is a thrill involved in exploring the different neighborhoods in New York City. Further, the best neighborhoods to explore in the city include Brooklyn with its expensive brownstones. Along with Gowanus, where homes are a part of a big art scene. 

Thus, while taking strolls in the city be sensitive to details and don’t forget to notice the differences. Because all of it will help you understand NYC better and establish a connection with it. 

Enjoy live music every night of a week

NYC is the perfect location for music lovers and to enjoy music gigs every day of the year. Many of the great and popular artists perform in New York City and you can enjoy live music in them as well. The most famous places hosting these music shows include Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center. Having a list of cool places that hosts the best music shows and festivals, NYC has it all. 

Enjoy nature at the country parks

Although NYC is a busy city there are many places where you can enjoy greens and enjoy calming sceneries. One of such places is Central Park, the most popular park in the city. Here you can take a stroll around luscious greens, sloppy hilltops, and great parks. 

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