Common problems with wastewater pumps and how to fix them

Submersible pump makers, put a lot of factors into consideration when making sump pumps. A sump or wastewater pump is designed to pump water via a discharge pipe and away from the foundation of your home. When these pumps fail, the result is a flooded basement and costly water damages. It does not take a lot of water for major problems to occur on your property. A small amount of stagnant water on the floor of your basement can turn into nasty mould issues.  You do not have to wait for these issues to occur to address problems with your wastewater pump. It helps to understand some common wastewater pump problems and how to avoid them by making smart choices. Here are some of the most common wastewater pump problems.

Overwhelmed pump

If your wastewater pump is not the right size then it might not be able to deal with high volumes of wastewater. This can make your basement flood. Sometimes, you will need more than one pump to remove the flooded water or you may need a bigger pump. It is therefore important to size your pump properly depending on the size of your basement and the amount of water that gets into it when it rains.

Pump burn out

A wastewater pump can burn out because of an overworked or underpowered pump. A faulty float switch can also cause burnout. A cheap sump pump made with cheap materials is prone to failure, especially when they are needed most during wet weather.

Power outage or power loss

Your pump might lose power due to several reasons. It could be an unplugged pump, a tripped circuit breaker, a power outage and so on. No matter what the reason for the outage, a normal pump does not function unless there is enough supply of power. It is therefore important to ensure that your pump is getting the right amount of power at any given time when it is operating. This means you might need backup sources of power such as solar panels and power generators.

Clogged intake

When your pump’s inlet becomes clogged, it prevents the pump from getting water from the sump pit. This will make your pump fail. Some clogs can even lead to pump damage. It is, therefore, important to inspect your pump from time to time and remove any debris.

Clogged or frozen discharge line

The discharge line of your pump is what carries water from your pump to the outside of your home. The pipe can get clogged with rocks, roots, dirt and other debris. During winter, any water in the discharge pipe can freeze and cause the system to clog.

Choose a pump system that has the right features

Choosing the right pump from your sump pump makers is the best way to deal with most wastewater pump problems. Basement systems have designed pump systems to overcome most of these problems. You can also invest in a patented pump stand that can prevent sediment from clogging your pump’s intake.