Tips to Maximize Donation on your site for Goodwill

Donating is a personal decision. The growth in charity fraud must have prompted donors to seek better transparency. Specifically when their amount is going monthly and NGOs facing obstacles in charity campaigns.

With today’s technology, you can stay in touch with contributors, reach out to new ones, and keep relationships with the people you support more feasibly.

A donation page is one of the most crucial components of a nonprofit website and should be the focal point of your online fundraising campaign. A donation page’s ultimate goal is to turn visitors into donors.

It is critical to maximizing the fundraising performance of your website as much as possible. If you turn your website into a powerful resource, it will collect donations indefinitely on autopilot.

In this blog, we will offer some beneficial tips for maximizing donations on your website.

Create a Donation Page

A donation plugin is a single-handled sales pitch that contains all information every potential donor needs, so they choose whether or not to donate to your organization. This is the page people lead to when you’ve requested them to contribute to your cause. Before you start, keep in mind that our human minds are programmed to make us feel good when we donate, so everything you do improves that sensation which eventually raises your donations.

Customize Your Donation Form

It is sufficient to say that you must have an apt donation form. If you spend any significant money perusing nonprofit websites, you will undoubtedly come across generic donation forms. These forms are branded to match the underlying merchant service and are distinct from the rest of the nonprofit’s website. The PayPal checkout form is the most common platform.

Make it Accessible

The quick and convenience of your donations are some of the key advantages of online donating. Unfortunately, many NGOs make the online donation procedure unnecessarily complicated, confusing, or tough.

Don’t add too many processes or distractions to the ease of online contributing. Navigate donors to your donation page directly from your email campaigns, with a powerful call to action that leaves no room for doubt about what you’ve asked them to do.

Ready For End-Of-Year Fundraising

One of the most crucial possibilities for online fundraising is the year-end campaign. People are more likely to give at the end of the year, so end-of-the-year fundraising is an important opportunity to engage with your supporters. A smart practice in data-driven marketing is to jot down your ideas into a “wishlist” of possible changes. These improvements can be general, such as ensuring that the page is mobile-responsive, but Christmas campaigns also allow you to invest in designing focused landing pages.

Make Your Donation Page Mobile-Friendly

Nonprofit sources report that 30% of contributors complete their donation targets through mobile devices. If your page isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be losing out on 30% of online donations!

Make sure your donation page is built on a platform that supports mobile-responsive automation. Responsive websites vary to fit different screen sizes, making them easier to browse on compatible and non-compatible devices.

Your information should not only be easy to view on different screen sizes, but it should also be simple to interact with from a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. A mobile-responsive design will have tap-friendly menus that make it easy to navigate your website on a smartphone.

Provide a Variety of Payment Options

PayPal is a popular payment platform. Many donors pay with Amazon or Google Pay. Others prefer to pay with their debit/credit card. Accepting multiple payment methods is critical if you want to maximize conversions. This not only makes your nonprofit more accessible but also makes consumers feel more at ease with the transaction.

WP EasyPay facilitates the acceptance of simple payments, donations, memberships, recurring donations, and payments. You can control Square Transaction Notes, Email Notifications, and Subscription Reports through an accessible dashboard.

Final Thoughts

The best advice for increasing donations from your nonprofit website is to evaluate every element of your page for performance, particularly your donation page. Simple modifications should be made, and the new outcomes should be measured. Every improvement you make to enhance donations will add up over time.