Tips to Revive Your Old Rug

Rugs add texture and color to your home. However, they can get dirty over time! What do you get when you mix a little creativity with some old rugs? The answer is that the possibilities are endless. Your rug can be used in an entirely new way, or it can be transformed into something completely different. We’re going to tell you how to revive your old rug so that it’s not just gathering dust in your basement anymore!

Dye the Rugs

If the rug is already in great condition, you can dye it! Grab some fabric paint and get to work on your new creation. This works for rugs of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a quick project that’s easy to do, then this is the perfect one for you. For the best oriental rugs at your home, dying the rug is the best solution. Dying a rug is simple and easy to do, but you’ll need some fabric paint for this project. If the dying process works out well, your old oriental rug will look brand-new again while also being unique! Get creative with different colors and patterns here because it’s all up to you since there are no rules. If you don’t want to do the dying process, then try adding some paint! Grab a brush and get started. It is an easy but fun project, so it’ll be exciting for you too. Just make sure that your rug isn’t made out of silk or another expensive material before trying this one because otherwise, you might ruin it.

Make a Pattern

If you have solid color rugs, then you can use that as a starting point to create your pattern! It is easy and worth trying. If desired, take masking tape, scissors, ruler/measuring tape, pencils, and colored pencils. Either measure out or outline what you want it to look like on paper first, so keep that in mind as you’re creating it. When your design or pattern is ready, use the masking tape to mark where and how big you want each part of the design/pattern to go on your rug. If desired, color-coordinate by drawing lines with a pencil first so that they match up too! Then flip over and cut on the lines you just created. Peel away, and that’s it! Your unique pattern rug is done.

Paint It

There are numerous ways to give your rug a fresh new look. You can start by painting it with the color of your choice! To paint, you will need:

  • Paintbrush (if desired, use an old toothbrush to dab on smaller areas)
  • Quart or gallon-sized paint bucket depending on how big the rug is and if you want just one color or more than one
  • Stencils (optional)

First, use the stencil as a guide and tape it to the rug. Then paint over top of it with your desired colors! Let dry overnight before removing stencil/tape for best results. Make sure that your design is completely even. Flip the rug over and paint the backside. If you do not want a design or your carpeting is too thick for tape, try painting circles all in one color! It will look fabulous in the kid’s room with bright colors, but it can also be made to match any decor by using different shades of the same color. Another option would be to use fabric paint and your desired pattern (such as polka dots). You can convert simple brown or ivory rugs to something more colorful and modern with a little creativity!

Make a Rug Cover

Do you have an old rug that’s just not doing it for you anymore? Change it into something else! You can make your rug cover with some fabric and duct tape, which is perfect if the rug already has great colors but needs a better design. Add some fringe to change up the look or leave it plain for a more modern feel. You can also cover the rug in paint, which will give you even more options! Try different colors and patterns to create something unique that fits your personality or room decor. Using this method, it’s fun to take an old rag rug and turn it into something new!

Go Big with Patterns

If the old rug is in perfect shape but wants to change the look or give it a new pattern, paint can do that for you. Paint on different patterns and colors to make your old rug more interesting; use stencils if you’re having trouble creating good designs. You can also hand paint the pattern, but it will take a lot more time. If you have an old rug that’s in great shape, needs to be freshened up, or is too small for your room anymore, try one of these easy hacks to revive your rug! It can breathe new life into the design and give it some pizazz without breaking the bank.

Make it New Again with Fabric.

There are several ways to take an old rug and make it new again by adding fabric to its design or surface. You can cover your entire rug in a nice, thick layer of batting, making sure there aren’t any bunches, so the carpeting underneath isn’t damaged; this is best for smaller rugs. If you have a larger rug, it’s better to take the carpeting out and leave just your backing fabric (which can be attached with spray adhesive). Cover Your Rug in Fabric One of the easiest ways to make an old rug new is simply adding a layer of thick batting over its surface design.

Hang it

If the rug is too large to fit on a standard sewing machine, you can take it down and hang the fabric instead. You can dye an old rug and hang it from the wall in a new color or pattern, too. It is the best alternative for wall paint because it will show no brush strokes. You can also paint the rug (using stencils) or leave your fabric as is and attach it to a foam board with tacks or hot glue for projects like this felt letter banner. The possibilities are endless!

Use Your Rug As A Tablecloth

If you’re an avid reader, finding ways to organize your books is probably a common struggle. Roll up an old rug, and you have the perfect tablecloth for displaying all of your cherished novels in one place! A tribal pattern will help bring a unique, bohemian vibe to your space, while the large size is ideal for grabbing and throwing in storage at any given moment. It may not be as sturdy as wood or metal, but it sure does look chic!

Wrapping Up

The rug may be an old friend, but it’s time to give your faithful companion a much-needed makeover. There are a few simple DIYs you can freshen up that tired and worn-out rug with just a little bit of creativity. Whether you have one or two rugs in the house, we hope these hacks help bring new life to them both! What do you think? We hope you’ve found these rug hacks helpful in reviving that old rug. If not, remember to stop by RugKnots for your next purchase! With our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping, there are no better deals out there!