How to write posts on Instagram: a detailed guide

Writing on Instagram is real science, there are several techniques you can use to draw attention to your post and create a beautiful structure for it.

We have collected a few chips for you that will help you diversify your posts and decorate your account. you also need to know top sites to buy instagram followers UK.

What to write about a post on Instagram?

  • The first rule of good writing is not to write for the sake of just filling in space. Write when you have something to say. And if not about anything, then a beautiful photo or video will say much more than a set of phrases.
  • Do not use hackneyed phrases like “The weather is whispering”, “I fly in the clouds”, “I enjoy the winter”. These words are very general and don’t mean anything to subscribers. Believe that with such a text, that without it, the post will have the same reach. You can check!
  • If you want to involve subscribers in discussing a post in the comments, then tell an interesting case, ask for advice on buying, TV shows or books, good establishments. Always remember: Readers love to advise and look smart. Allow them to realize themselves, and do not extol yourself.
  • If you raise an acutely social, political, or psychological topic, then remember that the reader should recognize himself in the post, feel emotions, see thoughts close to his worldview in the text.

There is a post, no photo – what to do?

Write the text first and then find a photo that matches it. We do not recommend moving in the direction: “Now I will think of something under the photo.” This is the wrong approach. So you suck the topic out of your finger.

You may find that it is easier to create a plan with multiple posts if you have a specific message or want to evoke a certain mood.
If you have an idea for a post, then immediately write down the ideas in the notes, and only then select the visual. Your presence does not have to be in the photo. It can be a collage, a nature photo, or an atmospheric photo from Unsplash.

Instagram post topics for your blog?

  • 10 interesting facts about yourself.
  • What did you think of me when you first met me.
  • Post poetry. Instagram is so lacking in high-quality text.
  • Tell us about any bad luck in your life. People love other people’s mistakes and wacky situations.
  • Favorite recipe.
  • Conduct a quiz or guess a rebus using photos.
  • Share a life hack that you use in your daily life.
  • About the relationship (tell us about your partner, your successes, and failures).
  • About sport.
  • Tell us about the person, book, or movie that changed your life.

How to come up with Instagram posts?

To come up with interesting ideas for your blog, we suggest conducting a real brainstorm. To do this, take stickers, mark 5 minutes, and write everything that only comes to your mind. Even the craziest ideas! Out of a huge stream of chaotic ideas, 10% will turn out to be quite suitable. The other 90% can inspire an unexpected solution or combination.

Usually, good sincere posts come from topics that excite or interest the account owner. Share what you burn and you will immediately notice the response.

And remember: until you test it, you will never know how it works.

Do you need a call to action in the post?

A call to action or CTA (Call to Action) is optional, it does not automatically make the text work.

Many business owners are sure that if you place at the end of the phrase like “Like”, “Write in the comments”, “Do you like ice cream?”, “Buy now!” then all subscribers will immediately run to act. No research can confirm the effectiveness of this tool.

Users have already developed “blindness” to such techniques. If the reader is not interested in the proposal, then you can put at least 5 calls to action and they will not work. The call to action at the end of the post is not a magic wand.

For a call to action to work, it must be sincere and fit into the topic of the post, it must be a logical continuation of it. People feel the artificiality of “questions” for the sake of more comments.

How to make text strikethrough on Instagram?

For an unusual strikethrough text effect, use the Piliapp service. You just need to write a word, phrase, or sentence in the column and it will automatically become strikethrough. Then click the “Copy to Clipboard” button and paste the text below your post.

How do I make a nice font (bold or another font)?

To make a beautiful font in your profile header or post, use Piliapp’s font tool or the Textygram service, which turns any English text into a beautiful line.

This option is often used for a beautiful and unusual design of Bio Instagram, but it is also possible in a post. Just write the text, choose the option you like, copy, paste under the photo – voila.

How do I make the text printable / scrolling?

This feature is available in Instagram Stories and allows you to write text with a typewriter effect. To do this, go to the mode of creating stories, in the upper right corner select the “Aa” icon, then “= A” (this is the icon of the printing font). Write any text.

To turn off the scrolling lines, press “= A” again – and the text will be displayed normally.

At the bottom, you can change the font.

Post size

The number of characters that can be added to one post is 2200 characters including spaces, emoji, and other characters. This is not a lot.

If you want to touch on a big topic in a post, then you can add some of the text in the comments. But this option is not user-friendly.

For complex topics that you want to cover in detail, use a rubricator or flights. Flying is a way to cover a big topic in posts over some time. For example:

  • If about self-development, then tell us about the stereotypes that hinder development.
  • If your blog is about literature, cinema, you can talk about genres for a week.
  • Traveling: Make an episode of the worst places you’ve been.