How can Vastu Shastra affect your lifestyle?

Vastu shastra can change your life. today i will be sharing my personal experienced. Meghna encountered many problems in her daily life when she shifted her house to a new colony period. Now, she did not know the reason behind all this disturbance that had been created. She was eager to find out why all these and went to an astrologer who advised her that her house had a Vastu problem. She did not believe it, but when she abided by the solutions provided by the Astrologer, she noticed slight positive changes in her daily life. Now there were no more disturbances in her house, and she was amazed by this work of Vastu shastra that played a major role.

Several examples of such people who did not believe in Vastu shastra previously but were amazed by its application in real life. Indian people believe dead vastu shastra plays an important role in your house’s decoration, placement, and environment. If you don’t meet the minimum requirement of vastu shastra, you will likely encounter great disturbances in your daily life. Vastu puja is very important when you are shifting to a new house, and many people believe that if you don’t, you are likely to encounter problems in your life.

To make a house out of a house, it must radiate the right energy. According to several traditional beliefs, each house has its type of energy. A person living in the house is under the influence of a certain energy field, which affects him in one way or another. This is why it is important to understand the relationship between Vastu shastra healing arts and our homes to enhance positivity and a good mood.

Vastu shastra tips play an important role in balancing positive and negative energies in the house or one’s life. Vastus can bring good positive energy, and defective blood vessels cause negative energy, which symbolizes death, violence, and negative aspects of life. Here are some of the defects of vastus and their damaging effects.

Vastu shastra plays an important role in your daily life:

  • North: The north direction depends on the overall financial situation of the population. Any potential defects of Vastu north of the house can develop into a lack of adequate finances, unexpected increases in costs, credit, poverty, all of which affect the general economic situation. According to the Vastu shastra Principle, make sure there is no clutter or bathroom in the north of your home. Even if you have a kitchen, the north direction is not recommended. Any cutting or extension of the structure to the north can also cause defects in the vastus.
  • East: When you are having trouble getting approval, health issues, and strained relationships, bad Vastu energy is on the east side of your house. According to the Vastu principle, the arrangement of stairs, bathrooms, kitchens, and high walls to the east hurts the house’s occupants. Ensure the eastern part of your home has an open area that draws in natural light in the morning. East is considered one of the most important directions, and any unwanted overcrowding or shortening or expansion out of balance with the overall energy dynamics of the house can lead to possible vascular defects.
  • West: Large windows, electric motors, wells, holes or accidental extensions, and cuts are prohibited to the west following the instructions of Vastu. A bad western element in any home can lead to breast disease and poverty among the population. If the youngest daughter in the house is experiencing extreme suffering and despair, it is most likely due to the weak Vastu energy that radiates from the west.
  • South: The presence of dining rooms, septic tanks, and sewage systems is prohibited in the south according to Vastu shastra principles. The negative effects of facing the south negatively can lead to litigation, job loss, lack of fame, and citizens’ eyes.

Some more Vastu shastra tips so that you can be full of positive energy

  • Northeast: The northeast direction is another important direction as it includes aspects of luck and happiness according to Vastu principles. Any failure of Vastu to the northeast could lead to disaster. From family disputes to accidents, surgeries, legal disputes, and general frustration across all walks of life, all of these can be attributed to the bad elements of Northeastern Vastu. Ensure the northeastern part of your home doesn’t have a kitchen, bathroom, main tank, storage room, or staircase. Heavy objects should also be kept away from the northeastern part of the house to reduce the negative effects of vastus.
  • Northwest: Main entrances, underground water tanks, temples, and kitchens are prohibited from going northwest according to Vastu principles. If your house is affected by placement of the location in the northwest direction, it is recommended to move immediately. The dire consequences of the Northwest Territory’s Bad Vastu shastra complaint can lead to legal and psychological problems, heart disease, and, in extreme cases, even premature death.
  • Southeast: The main entrance, borehole, or septic tank in the southeast direction gives a negative result according to vascular guidelines. Any bad energy from Vastu radiating from the southeast had a harmful impact on the tranquillity of its inhabitants. General anxiety, lack of positivity, household problems, and unwanted theft are some of the most common deficiencies affecting the Southeast’s population with Vastu shastra disability.
  • Southwest: Underground water tanks, temples, kitchens, basements, and sewage treatment plants should not be built to the southwest. The southwest direction controls the personal relationships of the occupants of each house. Any negative energy from the Southwest can lead to loss of money, domestic problems between husband and wife, lack of promotion, and marriage delays.

These are tips on dealing with any Vaastu Shastra in Hindi and English in your house. It is interesting to know how Vastu Shastra influences people’s lives through both positive and negative energy. By following these Vastu Shastra tips, you can have great knowledge on how to counter these Vastu shastra problems arising in your home. So always start your day with a positive vibe and positive energy along with our website.